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Gone Fishin' on the Drive Home Show

drivefishPhoto from Drum FM.

It was a fishy kind of Drive Home Show on Wednesday July 16, 2014. Read more...

Badlands Historical Centre Visit

smithJoesephine Smith, standing by the train her husband made from scratch and by hand.

On the last day of my takeover of Nathan's afternoon show, I went down for a hang at the Badlands Historical Centre.

Now, as a native Drumhellion, I am ashamed to admit I have never been here! The history they have packed in this buidling is amazing!

There is everything from dinosaur bones to handmade trains.

Gordon Taylor? The one the bridge is named after? Yeah, there is a memorial for him in there, saying how awesome of a guy he was!

The non-profit museum relies on volunteers to keep the place running, and they do an excellent job. Christine was working today, and she knew the answer to every question I asked her. That is dedication!

I had a great time being Nathan, and he is back tomorrow.

Talk to ya later!

- Dara

Albrecht was/is Awesome!

Alb.Walter Albrecht on right. Photo courtesy of the Canadian Badlands Passion Play.

Walter Albrecht was our special guest this morning. Special is almost an understatement for this guy. Albrecht is a 78-year old Drumheller man participating in his 20th year at the Candian Badlands Passion Play! Listen in as we talk on his first role, changes throughout the years and passing on the torch to his grandddaughter.

July 15 Morning Show preview

8:20 a.m. - Greeting Zone

9:40 a.m. - Breakdown with Bob

- Luke

Looking good for 137!

Bob-funnyBob is looking good for 137!

Audio recap from Thursday and Friday (July 10 and 11).

Drum FM newsman Bob Brown turned 137 on Thursday! Way to go Bob!

Bob really was the star on Thursday. He had a chance to win you some Calgary Stampede Rodeo tickets. How? Listen in.

CN Rail cleaned up the railroad tracks around town. So what's to come of the area the tracks used to occupy? Mayor Yemen talks about a 'potential.'

Reality Bytes Tech Talk with our main man John Shoff was rollin' along on Friday morning at 8:50 a.m. In this segment we talk about a scary security threat and a new kind of screen.

July 14 Morning Show preview

7:00 - 8:00 a.m. - Walter Albrecht has been in the Canadian Badlands Passion Play for 20 years! Now this, we have to talk about.

8:20 a.m. - Greeting Zone

9:40 a.m. - Breakdown with Bob

A Ssssssensational Time

This is Jen and Ben. They loved Reptile World! They have Jose (the hands-on snake).

I got a chance to hang out at Reptile World today (July 12)!

It was such a great time, I learned a lot from keepers Shawn and Colleen, they were very friendly and let me behind the scenes to feed their 600-pound American Alligator, Fred!


Everyone I talked to highly recommends going there. The staff really know their stuff, and can answer any question you can think of.

"It's a great learning experience and you can see many different animals and how they interact to feeding and people, and how calm they all are," said a friendly girl I talked to named Dakota.

She loved it, I loved it, everyone I talked to said they loved it.

It really is worth a visit! Till next time.

- DareBear

P.S. Check out these sweet photos I got (with the help of keepers Colleen and Shawn).