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Reminiscing about Robin Williams and his movies, sharing a 'feel good' free house story and get explanation on a nation-wide Internet crash.

Bryan Wilson and Nathan Crosby talk about Robin Williams and share some local insight on their favourite Robin Williams movies.

An inspiring tale of generosity, paying it forward and getting it back too as Eric Dahl talks about getting a house for free.

A breakdown in the Internet service provider network called Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) was felt nation wide.

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A Village in a Town

Hanna(Top Left) Ruth Karg and I.

What can I say about the Hanna museum?

Museum isn't even the right word for it! It's a village, in the town of Hanna. Its insane!

I had an amazing guide in Ruth Karg. She knew the entire village inside and out.

The old buildings range from a hospital to an old school and there is even a general store!!

Some of the buildings have some great stories behind them as well. One that has stuck with me was the old jail cell, it's made of metal and is just a single cell. There is a hole at the bottom of the door where the food would have gone in, and it was fairly small, maybe 6x6 inches. Ruth told me that the opening used to be about a square foot in size, until one prisoner escaped! Through a hole that was only a square foot! It seems impossible but you never know!

Another story that stuck with me was the old station house. The house was two floors, and there were two rooms on the bottom floor, a kitchen and a living area. On the wall beside the stairs there was a picture of the six sisters that had lived in the house.  The upstairs had a hallway, four bedrooms and a storage closet. So six kids, three bedrooms. Judging by the size of the rooms, one room would have had three kids, one would have had two, and the last sister had a room to herself. Lucky her!

The Pioneer Village and Museum was incredible. The board members have put a ton of work into maintaining the museum and the buildings that they have on sight and I believe it was 100% worth the drive out there!

Till next time!

- Dara

Dead Dinos and Martinis

dinohomePhoto by Nathan Crosby.

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History Lessons in Rosebud

G-and-BGeorge Comstock on the left and Bonita Hudson on the right showing off their CN Railway display.

This beautiful Wednesday (August 6) had me at the Rosebud Centennial Museum.

I talked to some great people, including George Comstock, who's family settled in Rosebud around 1909 and his family history is actually in the museum!

The museum has such a variety of history in the building, even the building itself is an artifact!

There's everything in the museum from old license plates to family history, radios and even cameras!

It's a really great place to visit, and anyone looking to kill some time before or after a Rosebud Theatre production should definitely check it out! It's free to go in, they just ask for a donation to help keep them running!!

See ya soon!

- Dara

Wednesday Fight Night

drivePhoto by Bryan Wilson.

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