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Cruising the Badlands... Old School!

selfieMe and Jacy after the trip.

I rode the Dinosaur Valley Express today and it was blast!

Shark Week on the Drive Home Show

SHARKYPhoto from Drum FM.

It's Shark Week and we're hooked! Bryan Wilson talks sharks with guests on the Drive Home Show. Read more...

Western Canada Power Cruising in the Valley

aw1The A&W team getting ready to hand out some sweet prizes. Photo by Chase Brown.

Today, I spent the day at the A&W parking lot for the Western Canada Power Cruise.

Koko Remembers Too

KOKOROBPhoto from Drum FM.

It's an unfortunate trend in show-business, as all too often we read the same headlines. A comedic legend is dead and it has left people wondering why.

Make a Wish at Boston Pizza

BP'sRolling up in style at Boston Pizza's.

Happy Birthday to Boston Pizza in Drumheller. Although,  it felt more like happy birthday to me!

Boston Pizza's 50th anniversary was awesome, Lionel the mascot was there, and there was treats too!

The hostess gave me some cupcakes and they were DIVINE. Boston Pizza were giving kids goodie bags and memories with a chance to meet Lionel.

A trip for two to the Stampeders vs Argonauts game on September 13 was the big prize for the 18+ patio party that started at 8:00 p.m. (that went till 10:00 p.m.).

It was Boston Pizza's birthday but they gave all the presents! What nice people.

- Chase