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Acoustic Music Shines at Lyme Light Fundraiser

drg2High fives for a successful night! Photo by Bryan Wilson.

The Kaleidoscope Theatre was a bustling place last night as two of Canada's premier pickers took to the stage in support of Lyme Disease awareness.

Don Ross, an established finger style guitar guru and the genre's next generation, Calum Graham, gave the folks of Drumheller an enjoyable night of raw acoustic music and entertainment.

It was hard not to get lost in thought and contemplation as waves of sound flowed over the audience, full of open chord progressions, rhythmic layouts, and sprinkled with the eloquent high pitched pluck of a string. A trance snapping slap of the guitar brought the listener back to reality, with the realization that all that sound was coming from just one guitar.

The audience was patient, willing to wait as guitars were tuned to a wide variety of keys. Don Ross showed his quirky story telling ability throughout the show, helping ease the transitions. It was raw, it was stripped down and simple. It was very enjoyable!

The purpose of the show was to raise awareness about Lyme Disease. Jillian Augey, who spearheaded the fundraiser, was unable to attend last night's performance due to health complications.

Midway through the performance, Calum Graham put out a dedication to Jillian and invited listeners to close their eyes, as collectively, almost prayerfully, positive thoughts and sounds were directed outward to all the families and individuals effected by Lyme Disease. It was a powerful moment shared by everyone in attendance as Calum played through his song 'The Channel.'

It was great to see the seats full last night, with people who took the time to support a good cause, support a member of the community and embrace great music in the valley!

drg31Don Ross and Calum Graham take a bow. Photo by Bryan Wilson.

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The Appetizer

The Morning Show was just the appetizer for Calum's afternoon performance with Part-time Pat.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, you've hit the jackpot! Welcome to the Morning Show blog. On today's show we talked on a special night for the ladies and a scam going around Drumheller.

Mayor Yemen covered the Dragons, Canadiens Alumni Game, a movie shoot, the Passion Play and Dino Den during Two Minutes on the Town.

Pat Parsons will have Calum Graham and Don Ross performing LIVE on his show, starting at 2:00 p.m.

Tomorrow stay tuned for information on Joe Vickers' new track 'Medicine Bag,' we'll be the first to take her for a spin.

January 24 Morning Show preview

8:20 a.m. - Greeting Zone with Stacey

8:50 a.m. - Reality Bytes Tech Talk with John Shoff

9:40 a.m. - Breakdown with Bob

Get Luck-y

Bob-and-AndrewA spitting image. Photo by Luke England.

Oh don't mind me, I'm just bloggin' and recapin' another day at the office.

Dr. Francois Therrien (fresh off his unsuccessful radio tryout for 99.5 Drum FM news guy) was in for Paleo Talk. We look into the Speaker Series presentation Friday.

St.Anthony's 'New School' greeting.

We have another NFL jersey and another contest. Name three NFL players heading to the Pro Bowl this weekend and you're automatically entered to win an Andrew Luck jersey and a $25 Boston Pizza gift card. Text the names to (403) 820-4311 or post on our facebook page. We will do the draw Monday at 7:50 a.m. Big thank you to Boston Pizza for once again making this possible.

We also talked about some of your favorite locally filmed movies. The top answers were Unforgiven and Shanghai Noon.

January 23 Morning Show preview

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The Press Box: Tonight

rory1Rory Davidson and Lindsay MacLellan react to the game winning goal! Photo by Bryan Wilson.

Join me (BW) in The Press Box tonight! It airs just after five o'clock on 99.5 Drum FM.

Voice of the Dragons Jason Blanke stops by the studio to chat a bit about the game last night, what's coming up this week and players to watch.

We'll recap last night's game against the Bandits. It was a huge game for Rory Davidson scoring the game winner. This guy is fast, and he's using his speed to create positive shifts, whether on the penalty kill, power play or five on five. Last night, he was rewarded with a huge game winning goal against the Dragons' top rival!

Devin Buffalo was somewhat of a surprise start in net for the Dragons, as it was assumed Curtis Skip would get the start against Brooks. Credit Head Coach/GM, Brian Curran for riding his hot goaltender (who came off a 10-3 victory in Calgary on Sunday) into a big game at home. Buffalo only allowed one goal, and made a flurry of saves in the final minute to seal the victory.

Tune into the Press Box @ 5:10 p.m. for more analysis and insight on everything AJHL and Drumheller Dragons!

buffhandAdda be Buffalo! Two starts, two wins! Photo by Bryan Wilson.

Reaping the Benefits

JakeJames and Nick in for today's Greentree Greeting. Photo by Luke England.

On today's show Francois made fun of Bob, Nathan made fun of my shirt and you reap all the benefits. Our local topics on the Morning Show were the pool opening and a big game for the Drumheller Dragons.

Does Francois Therrien of the Royal Tyrrell Museum ever have a career as a news anchor? Maybe not.

James and Nick did our Greentree Greeting today. Wait... Did it... They rocked it!

Heather won Calum Graham tickets and Joni won Dragons tickets on the show.

January 22 Morning Show preview

7:20 a.m. - Details on how you could win another NFL jersey and a $25 gift card from Boston Pizza

8:10 a.m. - St. Anthony's Greeting Zone

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9:40 a.m. - Breakdown with Bob

9:50 a.m. - Dr. Francois Therrien is in for Paleo Talk

***Part-time Pat will have Calum Graham tickets to give away on his January 22 show***