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She's Preggo!

Stacey-YoAce (Stacey Stewart).

The wonderful, lovely and always-smiling Ace (Stacey Stewart) from Drum FM is pregnant!

The last Thursday and Friday of August

andrewAndrew Zachrisson (standing). Photo by Dara Kendell.

Ahhhh, we gotta catch up, don't we?

Deals on Deals at the Brick

staceStacey checkin out the awesome deals. Photo by Dara Kendell.

The Brick hosted their bi-annual tent sale today!

With the rainy weather the sale wasn't (really) outside and the sales weren't dampened any!

The tent sale lasts two weeks, but today only was the VIP portion, and with that came amazing deals.

There was a Spaberry tub on sale, washing machines, stoves, fridges, you name it, it was on sale.

The Brick closes at 6:00 p.m. so hopefully you can take advantage of these amazing deals before then!


- Dara

Batman, Robin, Rapping and the ALS Challenge

batman-yoNathan and I, posing as Batman and Robin at the Atlas Coal Mine.

Dr. Francois Therrien from the Royal Tyrrell Museum talked about his national dinosaur discovery on Paleo Talk.

Brad LeDrew from Western GM is full of brilliant ideas. This was no different.

Bob was DJing, I was rapping about Swag Tags... What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, and have you seen our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? If not, check out the video below.

August 28 Morning Show preview

7:30 - 8:00 a.m. - Vance Neudorf stops in

8:50 a.m. - Two Minutes on the Town with Mayor Yemen

9:40 a.m. - Breakdown with Bob

- Luke

Titans Cards and a BBQ

bbq-lolThe BBQ about to go down. Photo by Chase Brown.

I spent the afternoon at the DVSS Field with the local football teams and cheer squad today (August 27).