Summer Fun Program



As the summer is in full swing, kids are out of school, and parents are trying to keep them busy and out of trouble. This can be difficult to do if both parents are out of the house working everyday. So the Town of Drumheller has put together a Summer Fun Program for the second year in a row. The drop off point for kids is upstairs at the Drumheller Public Library, but they also go out and about the town, using facility's like the Aquaplex Swimming Pool and the Splash Park to keep the kids entertained.

Coordinator for the Town of Drumheller Summer Fun Program Stephani Henrickson says the goal of this program is keep kids between the ages of 6 and 12 entertained and out of their parents hair for the summer. " The Summer Fun Program, is for ages 6-12, we run Monday through Friday from 8 until 4:30, and each week has a different theme. During our days, we make different crafts, we go swimming,w e visit different parks in Drumheller, and we also go on a different field trip every week. The Theme this week, is Outer Space Fun. We will be making moon pies, flying saucers,and flubber this week. We will also be taking a trip to the Calgary Space Port on Friday."

Here is a full list of the different themes for the summer:

Weekly Themes Include:

Exploring Plants & Wildlife                    July 5th - 9th

Outer Space Fun                                 July 12th - 16th

Yee-Haw Cowboy Round-Up                 July 19th - 23rd

Magic & Make Believe                         July 26th - 30th

Trains, Planes, Automobiles                August 3rd - 6th

Pioneers & the Early Years                  August 9th - 13th

Just Clowning Around                         August 16th - 20th

Splish Splash This Was A Blast            August 23rd - 27th


For more information, you can call the Summer Fun Cell Phone at 403-820-0834, or you can stop by Town Hall and pick up and information package at the front desk.