Melting Snow


The worst from the snow so far



With record snowfall this year,  some communities can expect flooding in south eastern Alberta.  A false media release of towns on the flood watch list has people in Drumheller worried.

On March 16th a news article was released telling us, towns like Medicine Hat, Cypress Hills and Drumheller may flood.  CAO of Drumheller, Ray Romanetz has clarified that the Valley has nothing to worry about.  “This is just your typical spring melt.  Yes you can expect puddles forming in the streets and maybe even some wet basements, however no flooding.”  Said Romanetz.

Alberta Environment confirmed that currently there is no threat of flooding in the Valley.  They have said it will only flood if there is more water run-off from the mountains and a consistent, heavy rain.

The last flood for Drumheller occurred in 2005.