Accident Along Highway #10

rcmp-rosedale-mapThe accident occured along Highway #10.

An accident occurred on highway #10 near Rosedale, causing damage to a pole and vehicle.

On Thursday, December 27, the Drumheller RCMP responded to a single vehicle collision. The vehicle was traveling west bound, when it left the road on an S-curve and entered the ditch.

“The vehicle continued in the ditch until it hit a hill and it went slightly airborne. The vehicle landed and then rolled onto the passenger side and stopped on a Telus communication pole,” said Corporal for the Drumheller RCMP, Kevin Charles.

Despite damage caused from the pole entering the vehicle, both the driver and the passenger only sustained minor injuries and were transported to hospital.

“Alcohol was not a factor and police are still investigating to determine what happened. We do know the roads were extremely icy out there,” added Charles.

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