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Radical Rockyford Rodeo

rodeoSome of the calf roping action. Photo by Chase Brown.

The Dream Team was out taking in the rodeo action!

Chase and I got there in time for the parade! It was spectacular. The fire departments were our favorite section, they represented a wide variety of communities: Rockyford, Rosebud, and Dalum were all present.

The pancake breakfast was wrapping up as we arrived but man, it looked good.

The concession had some great looking food leaving the windows as well.

We watched some of the calf roping and it was great! The audience loved the show.

Now, Chase is a rodeo expert and he knows all about them, but as a first time rodeo attendee, I must say I had a great time!

Talk to ya soon!

The Dream Team

P.S. Don't forget the rodeo is goin' down all day tomorrow as well!! 

Homstead Museum on a Rainy Day

H.A.M(left to right) Kailee Fortin and Heidi Luhmert taking in the historical books at the Homestead Antique Museum. Photo by Dara Kendell.

The Homestead Antique Museum was my location for the day.

There's a lot to learn in there, and it appeals to all ages. Giles and Bev were excellent hosts, and enjoyed sharing their knowledge of everything in the museum with me and the visitors.

They offer a scavenger hunt that gets kids into the museum and learning as they find the items on the list.

Giles told me the most popular display is their two headed calf. This calf two tails as well.


It is a unique museum and it was a great way for me to spend my rainy day!

Talk to you soon!



DRUM BEAT: Ellen Doty

ellendotypromo1Ellen Doty. Photo by Phil Crozier.

Ellen Doty is hitting the Alberta music scene with her debut full length album 'GOLD' released in May 2014.

Doty originates from Okotoks, AB and she brings a style that isn't heard too often from young singer/songwriters in the province. Her self proclaimed "pop-jazz" style is a testament to her influences growing up.

"Nat King Cole has been a big inspiration for me. He actually lived across the street from my grandma in Los Angeles, so his music was passed down to me through my grandparents and my dad. So I like to cover some of his songs and I think some of that influence is in my writing as well."

She cites the greats such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holliday, along with more modern artists like Lauryn Hill and Norah Jones as artists who she draws from for artistic inspiration. Her new album 'GOLD' has a recurring theme of love throughout the record.

Hear songs from Ellen Doty  and her brand new album on DRUM BEAT on 99.5 Drum FM. Click here to hear songs and learn more about Ellen Doty.

Tune into DRUM BEAT on 99.5 Drum FM with host Bryan Wilson every Sunday at 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.


The Busier Shoff


Johnny Shoff and Sharel Shoff, both are very active members of the community.  Could Sharel be the busier bee? She talks about the commitees she's on around town.

John was in for Reality Bytes Tech Talk. Internet connected devices ruled this week's segment.

Vance Neudorf had to be going insane today. Especially with the weather and cancellation of the Passion Play tonight. But thankfully, he still made time for the Drum FM Morning Show.

What happens when I sing 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?' The answer is nothing good. I tried to make it topical at least.

- Luke

Smells like Teen Appetite

takuyaPhoto on right submitted by Royal Tyrrell Museum. Photo created by 99.5 Drum FM.

Dr. Takuya Konishi from the Royal Tyrrell Museum was in for Paleo Talk. The topic was the BIG appetite and eating style of a medium-sized Mosasaur.

" Here we are now, come and feed us?"