On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of visiting Drum Diesel Truck Pro on South Railway Avenue in Drumheller.  It was an exciting day for them as it was the grand opening of their addition of Mack Trucks to their business.

Mack Trucks were looking to set up sub-locations from their dealership in Calgary and worked with Drum Diesel Truck Pro to do so in Drumheller.  What this means for local truck drivers is that they can get parts for their Mack truck, service in Drumheller for their Mack truck and even purchase a new truck in the valley.

The Mack representatives brought in their latest model, the Anthem.  What a beautiful truck.  Great for those long-haul drivers as there is a vast amount of space in the sleeper cabin.  It has all of the bells and whistles.  Two things surprised me.  Firstly, the truck comes equipped with a CB radio.  Randy from Mack tested it out while I was in the truck and we actually got someone on the other end of the radio.  The second surprise was that the truck had an automatic transmission.  No more shifting through 18 gears on the gear shift.  It was a nice looking truck.

There was a great selection of door prizes available including a Mack truck Lego set (which I would have loved to take home).  

Congrats to the team at Drum Diesel.  John and Dar have been doing this since 1980 and I hope for continued success for many.

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