Our beautiful valley, and the areas surrounding us, have been recognized as part of the Top 10 Parks, Trails and Places in Western Canada. 
"We take traveler views, which are from analytics, from any type of blog or YouTube views if we've done video on it and the other is by our interactive travel influences online. People can interact on our website and it goes directly to our social media wall," stated Greg Girard, Co-Founder of eh Canada Travel.
All the content published on this website is developed by what Girard calls travel influencers. 
"We've been to Drumheller about four times now, when we go there we basically take video and photos, hike the trails and then we take the content and put it up online," he noted. 
The Top 10 Parks, Trails and Places list is selected only on Western Canada, for now. 
"The reason it's only Western Canada is because we need to go collect our own information. Information is copyrighted and the only online source you can get that off of is Parks Canada or the Drumheller Tourist website. In order for anyone to have any type of website to cover that area, we basically have to go travel on food to get the information," Girard explained. 
"By the end of the year, we're going to have it up to Newfoundland because we've been travelling and getting all the information. By December 2017 it will have Newfoundland and by next year it will have all of Canada."
Co-Founders, and brothers, Colin and Greg Girard created this website due to the fact that they always had a rough time finding information on remote places. 
"You'd always get the provincial parks, but you'd never get enough information on the details. We both have a marketing background and one day we just quit our jobs and hoped on the road. We decided we wanted to do this because we love the outdoors and we love Canada," Girard outlined. 
"There's not a lot of websites that are out there that are Canadian made. There's not really a people's website out there made from the actual people of Canada and their experiences. We sort of found our own little niche and that's enabled us to grow from having one community website to being up to Saskatchewan."
Most of the information gathered for the eh Canada Travel website is from people who are adventurers and explorers. 
"They're not going to see the most popular places, they're going to seek out places that normally wouldn't get recognition. That's why our list is very different from anyone else because we have information on our site that you can't find anywhere else. You have a trail that doesn't get any recognition or a tiny trail that you can't find anywhere on the Internet," mentioned Girard. 
To view the full Top 10 Parks, Trails and Places list, follow this link.
 Questions, comments, or story ideas? Email us at [email protected]

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