With winter, comes winter foragers.  Animal predators in and around the Drumheller area increase in presence during the winter time. The reason? Food.

As it becomes more and more difficult for some of these animals to find food, a pet owner should take preventative measures to ensure their pet is safe.

Scott Ouellette, owner of Cole's Pet Resort, recommended, "They should be on a leash, unless they're in a fenced area."

Ouellette further commented, "The wildlife we have around here, with owls and coyotes, look for prey of opportunity."

The use of leashes or fenced-in areas can only further protect your pet from these animals, as these methods could further decrease your pets' chance of meeting predators of opportunity.

He had a message for cat owners who may let their cats roam freely, "With a cat, it should not be allowed to roam around free, it's also against by-laws."  

If you do come into contact with wildlife that you feel may pose a threat, call the Provincial Fish and Wildlife Office at (403) 823-1670 or a by-law officer at (403) 823-1363.

If the situation is an emergency, immediately contact the city's Emergency Hotline at (403) 823-2512.

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