Earlier this week, concerns for the local Walmart were floating around the Internet.

DrumFM contacted Walmart's media head office in Mississauga, Ontario and received a reply from a media representative named Diane.

The contact with Walmart was initiated because persons on Facebook were curious as to why the shelves in our local retailer were a bit empty and questioned if it was in the process of shutting down.

Diane from Walmart's Media Relations Team said this to DrumFM:

"Our Drumheller store is open and committed to serving customers in the community. The store is currently in the process of reorganizing its departments to better serve our customers and provide them with a more enjoyable shopping experience. We apologize for any inconvenience this transition has caused."

To quell any fears that the general public may have had, it would seem the local retail giant is just doing some in house maintenance as its doors remain open.

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