Gas prices in the area of Drumheller are at a seasonal low.

In the summer of 2018, gas prices were up to $1.35 a litre. Fast forward to the present and gas prices are sitting around a dollar.

Dan McTeague from sheds more light on what's going on in the petrol industry.

"There is a likelihood that those prices could tip-toe down a little further. For now, I think this is probably the best it's going to get. It, almost, like a sweet spot; considering we were paying a $1.35 back in September and October. We've seen a dramatic and surprising decline and it's going to save some people a little bit of money. It's likely this will stick around for the next couple of weeks."

McTeague's professional thoughts point toward an above average spike in gas prices this year during the spring and summer months.

He further comments on the Carbon Tax imposed from Alberta's NDP Government.

"I think that change has to happen. You can't lose 150,000 workers. You can see the decline of one of Canada's most important export and not feel for the fact that this isn't just about the emotional side of things but that their is a physical and very real need for Canada to get it's act together and to set out it's priorities."

"It's not helping the Alberta economy in order to gain social license to get our pipelines built to get our products to market," he continued. "We were prepared to accept a carbon tax. But we've done our due-diligence. We've bent over backwards and we've still been, in my view, duped"

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