The Town of Drumheller  has begun its annual fire hydrant flushing.

The annual hydrant flush is a regular maintenance routine for the Town.  

"We do the flush starting from the Water Treatment Plant. We go east or west based on a certain schedule," informed Armia Mikhaiel, the Town of Drumheller's Director for Infrastructure Services. "There are anticipated start and finish dates. It can vary depending on the manpower and weather conditions but we put a plan together and we are trying to adhere to it."

The first day of flushing began yesterday, July 9 in Rosedale to East Coulee and is scheduled to last in that zone until July 20.

"(The flushing) is meant to clear and clean the pipes for any kind of sediments, residuals, chemicals or any kind of leeching material during water breaks," he explained. "Mainly it's for the improvement of our potable water and to enhance the water quality."flush2

"We check for residual chlorine. We also check for the water turbidity to ensure that it's meeting our standards."

Mikhaiel also said that in rare occurrences, residents can experience 'brown water' coming from the spouts in their homes; He advises to run the water for a few minutes as sediment from the pipes could have possibly been stirred up during the flushing process.

The predicted end of the annual flush is September 7. To see a map of  when your area is to be flushed, click on this link.

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