A new law regarding the Mandatory Roadside Alcohol Screening Test has had some up in arms about civil rights. 

The new law allows officers to take a breath sample up to two hours after driving.

Acting Detachment Commander for the Drumheller RCMP, Corporal Gerald Sherk, explained that it isn't a simple as that.

"The changes in the law in the legislation, they wanted to defeat what was becoming a problematic defence where they (a driver) would get into an accident and then they would flee from the accident. This legislation is designed to address that issue. So, it is not that they can go in anywhere and start breathalyzing people, it is when someone had a motor vehicle collision and there is reason to believe that they were intoxicated when that collision happened and they have left the scene."

Sherk goes on to say that often those who are in an accident while driving drunk state that they were drinking after the accident happened as opposed to being intoxicated during. The breathalyzer test will allow evidence to be gathered to test how truthful the driver is.

"That is part of the investigation. If we do make that breath demand, and they do give a sample, then we will have experts who can then look at what the sample was, how long after driving it was and make a reasonable calculation on what their blood alcohol level should have been," continued Sherk.

He reiterates that this law was put into place to catch drunk drivers, and not violate anyone's rights.

"There is no going to random people's houses. It to deal with those issues where people were trying to leave from the scene of a collision."

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